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Village Safari Tour

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Village safari tour, you’ll be taken to nearby rural villages around Sigiriya, where you can interact with the locals and learn about their daily activities and customs. The tour usually involves guided walks or bullock cart rides through paddy fields, forests, and small villages, providing a close-up experience of the agricultural practices and traditional lifestyle.

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Madu River Boat Safari

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The Madu River Boat Safari is a popular tourist activity in Sri Lanka that takes place on the Madu River, you’ll witness the stunning mangrove forests, which are an important ecological feature of the area. The intricate root systems of the mangroves serve as nurseries for various fish species, while providing habitat for a wide array of bird species and other wildlife. You pass by small islands and can make stops at certain points of interest. One such attraction is the Madu River Fish Therapy, where you can experience the unique sensation of small fish nibbling at your feet. There are also visits to cinnamon farms, where you can learn about the cultivation and processing of cinnamon, which is a significant spice in Sri Lanka.

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Bullock Cart Ride

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Experience a traditional mode of transportation as you ride on a bullock cart, guided by a skilled cart driver. Its a leisurely way to explore the scenic countryside and get a taste of rural life.

Visit a Local House

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Get the chance to visit a local family’s home and interact with them. You can observe their daily activities, learn about their traditions, and even participate in household tasks like cooking or grinding spices.

Traditional Crafts

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Discover the traditional crafts of the region. This may include demonstrations
or hands-on experiences in pottery-making, weaving, or basketry.

Village Markets

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Visit local markets where villagers sell their produce, vegetables and handmade crafts. Its an opportunity to observe the vibrant atmosphere and interact with the villagers.

Enjoy Traditional Meals

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Savor a traditional Sri Lankan meal prepared by the villagers, giving you a taste of the authentic local  cuisine.

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Cooking Demonstration

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Fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culinary culture and learn about traditional Sri Lankan dishes. You can expect to learn about traditional Sri Lankan spices, ingredients, and cooking techniques. You ll witness the preparation of popular dishes like rice and curry, hoppers (a type of pancake), string hoppers (steamed rice noodles), and various curries, chutneys and sambols. You can find cooking classes in major cities and tourist destinations like Colombo, Kandy, Galle, and Ella.


Hill Trekking or Hiking

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Country offers a range of beautiful hill destinations that are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.These destinations provide opportunities for scenic hikes, stunning viewpoints, and immersive nature experiences.


Knuckles Mountain Range

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Located in the central part of the country, the Knuckles Mountain
Range is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its biodiversity and scenic beauty. The area offers a range of trekking options, varying in difficulty. Hiking through the Knuckles Range allows you to explore diverse ecosystems, encounter waterfalls, and enjoy panoramic views.

Zip Lining

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Zip lining is an exhilarating adventure activity that allows you to glide through the air on a suspended cable while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. While zip line adventures are not as prevalent in Sri Lanka as some other activities.

Canoeing & Kayaking

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Popular water-based activities that allow you to explore Sri Lanka’s rivers, lakes, and coastal areas while enjoying the tranquility of nature. These activities provide opportunities to observe wildlife, navigate through mangroves, and experience the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka’s waterways.

White Water Rafting, Sliding, and Confident Jumping

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These activities provide an adrenaline rush as you navigate through fast-flowing rivers, slide down natural water slides, and take leaps into deep pools. Located in the hill country of Sri Lanka, Kithulgala is a popular destination for white water rafting and other water-based activities. The Kelani River in Kithulgala offers thrilling rapids suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters. You can also find natural water slides and deep pools for sliding and jumping adventures.

Kite surfing, Wind Surfing, and Surfing

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Sri Lanka is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, and it offers excellent conditions for kitesurfing, wind surfing, and surfing. With its beautiful beaches and reliable wind conditions,


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Cycling tours are a fantastic way to explore the scenic landscapes, cultural heritage, and local life of Sri Lanka. The country offers a variety of cycling routes that cater to different preferences and skill levels.


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Situated near Nuwara Eliya, Pidurutalagala is Sri Lanka’s highest mountain. While access to the summit is restricted due to military installations, there are several trails around the mountain that offer beautiful hikes through tea estates and forests. The trek to Lover’s Leap waterfall is a popular option.

Adams Peak

Adam's Peak

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Located in the central highlands, Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) is a sacred mountain and a popular pilgrimage site. The hike to the summit is an iconic experience, particularly during the pilgrimage season from December to April. The trail consists of a series of steps leading to the peak, where you can witness a stunning sunrise and breathtaking vistas.

Train Travel

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Train travel in Sri Lanka is a popular and scenic way, the train network covers various regions and offers breathtaking views of the landscapes, tea plantations, mountains, and coastal areas.The train journey from Kandy to Ella is widely regarded as one of the most scenic train rides in the world. It passes through lush tea plantations, misty mountains, and picturesque valleys. The train ride from Colombo to Kandy and the coastal train ride from Colombo to Galle also offer beautiful views of the countryside and the ocean.

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